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Summer with Shiki

Hello! I’m Serene:)

This is my very first entry on Agata Blog and hopefully, first of many:)

Summer is just around the corner and time has arrived when we have to choose that perfect pool outfit, a bikini or bathing outfit:) Today, I would like to introduce to you “Tropical Bouquet Bikini” by Shiki Designs.

Shiki has lots of Hawaiian themed textures and this bikini is one of them. The large hibiscus flowers demands attention to this gorgeous outfit. The bottom is a skirt rather than bikini pants and gives an elegant posture. This is the perfect bikini outfit for a romantic beach walk:)

And of course, we need a hat during the summer and I chose W&Y Hair #09. The flower on the ear is very cute:) Shoes are from maitreya: Maitreya Gold – Espirit-Xtd and a lovely necklace from JCN: NY@Night Collection. Please stop by Shiki as wonderful summer outfits are released:)

Model: Serene Faith
Photographer: Talyia Tarber






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