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There is a new store in SL:) It’s called QUEENS and offers wonderful, gorgeous gowns:) The store is located on Costa Rica Sim and the store itself is beautifully built. The CEO of this store is Mina Pelazzi and she has taken all the pictures currently in the store.

The store offers mostly gowns at this point, but carries few casuals as well. The gowns are very rich in texture, dreamy in shape as well as tight and sexy gowns. You will be able to find one special gown for your special event here in QUEENS:)

On the first picture, I’m wearing the gown Victoria. This gown is very regal and amazingly feminine with wonderful textures and a flowy siluhette. Perfect for red carpets:)

This second gown is called Desiree and is wonderful:) Different from ordinary gown, it’s open in the front and shows off your sexy legs. It comes in various colors, Lilac, Black, Green and Mustard. It is a fun yet elegant gown that will make you feel more beautiful than ever:)

Model: Serene Faith
Photographer: Mina pelazzi


Jewelry – Zara:

Shoes – 24 Shoo Shoo:

Happy Shopping everyone!


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