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New Week – New Mix

Today, I would like to introduce to you a wonderful blouse from House of Beningborough (HOB). HOB is known for it’s bold, beautiful, unique outfits and I decided to stop by after being absent from that store for a while. I usually stay away from HOB as I have a tendency of going broke after my visits, lol, and this time was no difference:)

While strolling around, I found this gorgeous, classy, elegant blouse that comes in several colors, but I chose red this time. The arms are fluffy and the collar is tall and beautiful.

It’s a blouse that makes me think (and hopefully look?) like a madame on 5th avenue:)

Earrings are from R.A. Crystal, pants from Miamai (pants only from a jump suit), shoes from Le Lutka, hair from Lamb.

House of Beningborough:

R.A. Crystal:



Happy Shopping!


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