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HyperCulture – Victoria

HyperCulture is a store that offers chic, cool, hip, fun outfits. The store offers full outfits or you can find pants, skirts, tops separately and you can mix and match as you see fit:)

I personally am not as confident in mix and match quite yet, though I am working on it, and I love when I find an outfit that I truly love. Victoria Dress is one of them:)

I’ve always loved the retro style and this disco-style dress, is so much fun, and the texture is cute and amazingly fine. It is certainly the perfect dress for a fun night in the club:)

This dress is not the newest release, on the contrary, have been out for a while, but I never get bored to show off this mini-dress:) It is most definetely worth having in your wardrobe:)

Please join the HyperCulture group as free gifts are usually sent to members and they are quite cute!:)

Happy shopping!

Model: Serene Faith
Photographer: Mischa Cuttita

Dress: HyperCulture
Website: http://hyperculturesl.wordpress.com/

Earrings – FabulouS:

Hair – Tsukinowaguma

Boots – Bax Coen Designs


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