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GABRIEL – 50% OFF!!!

Today, I TP’d over to GABRIEL and found a wonderful surprise – 50% off!!!!

Now any sales is a girl’s best friend, but a sale at GABRIEL??? Well, this can not be missed! So of course, I did some shopping:) But since my funds are limited, I got 2 items, a very nice pair of jeans and a lovely top! Something we all need to relax and be casual in:)

The top is a loose sweater that comes in 5 lovely colors. The texture on this sweater is amazing and it really feels “loose”, a sweater I would like to have in RL to wear and cuddle up on the couch with a good movie:) The jeans are called “Damage”, and I can only guess that it is because of the torn parts on the pants:)

GABRIEL is known for its amazing textures and quality. This is the opportunity we’ve all been waiting for!! Dash to GABRIEL!!! (Sale will be ongoing till the end of the month)

I also TPd over to 3636 and 2 new hair was released! Yay!
The one I’m wearing is Ynna (black) and it just looked so unique that I simply had to get it. A girl can never have too many hair:)

Shoes are from Cherry, a very cute pumps that is so comfortable that I can no go to Mouse Land and walk around for the day!

Happy shopping!!!

Outfit – Gabriel:

Hair – 3636:

Shoes – Cherry:


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