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Azul – Fiore (Rev)

It is so difficult not to go shopping when all my favorite stores have constant New Releases! Today, I would like to introduce to you Fiore (Rev), a new release by the wonderful AZUL and new prim nails from G&K.

Fiore is a gorgeous gown, perfect for ladies who loves cinderella gowns. It flows so wonderfully smoothly, like feather in the air, and it moves graciously while you are walking or dancing. This gown has it all, dreamy, beauty, and elegance. And let’s not forget that this is AZUL, so the texture and quality of this gown is impeccable! A gown created to its perfection. Just when you think Azul can’t make a better gown, well, you were wrong:) The gowns just keeps getting better and better!

Today, G&K had their new Sim opening show! It was amazing:) Simple, stunning, smooth, simply the best:) Their new sim is gorgeous and the store is roomy. They have several new releases, but here was my favorite: Vendetta Nails.

These nails are prim and comes with or without rings, and a Nail Polish Hud where you can change your nail colors:) It also comes with glove so no need to adjust the nails, just wear them all:) Just make sure your hands are either size 10 or 20:)

G&K offers several designs, gold or silver, and a fatback is also available, if you can not choose and limit yourself to one:)

Happy Shopping!

Gown – AZUL:

Nail – G&K:

Hair – Tsukinowaguma:

Jewelry – Alyssa Bijoux:

Skin – hsh:

Eyelash – Amacci:


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