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Death Row Gown + R.A. Crystal

Once in a while, we need to clean out our inventory. I don’t know about others, but I personally is the type who doesn’t like to throw away things… and I tend to keep them all, thinking I’m going to wear it again in the future:) Of course, with this attitude, your inventory tend to increase significantly over time:) Well, we sometimes we need to go through our inventory and be reminded of what we have:)

As I went through mine, I came across a gown from Death Row that I purchased earlier this year. It is a wonderful goth gown that comes with accessories as well (shown on the pic below). And the best part of this, is that it is only for $L199!!! The texture and prim qualities are wonderful and this is definitely the best 199 I ever spent!!

It is a fun and lovely gown and though though I’m personally not much of a goth person, as a model, we need to be versatile and we need to challenge ourselves in other styles as well. The style I like to achieve in any outfits is “Elegance” and with this goth-gown, it was not a difficult task:)

Jewelry that I am wearing is from R.A. Crystal – Lerian set.
It is a gorgeous gothy necklace and also has leg jewelry and earrings that has moon accessory on it.

Please visit the R.A. Crystal for more jewelry:)

Happy Shopping!

Jewelry – R.A. Crystal:

Gown – Death Row:

Hair – Lamb:


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