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Gabriel Opening Collection!

             GABRIEL Opening collection

The new GABRIEL sim will open!!! To celebrate this big event, GABRIEL is releasing several new designs, including but not limited to gowns and Japanese Yukata!!! “Runway Poeses *Agapee*” , which is in the same GABRIEL group, will have its grand openning at the same day, and the show will be introducing these wonderful runway poses.

GABRIEL has also prepared special gift to those who visit the show, limited for this day only!!!

       //// July 17, 2010, 6PM : SHOW START ////

                GABRIEL SIM

The limited gift will be available ONLY for 1 hour AFTER the show. Also from Runway Pose *Agapee*, 12 poses will be ready as special group gift to celebrate its grand opening.

For the 1st premium show, it is open to guests with platinum tickets only. But the show can be watched through a live stream presented by VWBC: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/vwbc

To avoid lag, we will be limiting the SIM count at the day of the show. Please arrive early:) We would also like to ask for your cooperation by detaching anything that may cause or affect lag and performance on the sim.

Thank you!


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