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Azul ~ Canna & Heliconia

Everytime I post about a new release of Azul, I keep writing that this is my favorite outfit… The truth is, that Azul, simply offers the best gowns in SL and all of Mami’s designs are exquisite!

Today, I’d like to introduce to you Canna & Heliconia. Two very similar gowns, yet two totally different images. Heliconia has only one shoulder and Canna has two. They both come in multi color so your selection is wide and the texture… is amazing.

A very elegant, sexy, body wrapping gown that brings out the feminine curves and warmth. These are the gowns that will make you stand out in a crowd.

Please stop by the store:)

Heliconia Gown:

Canna Gown:

Happy Shopping!

Gowns: Azul

Hair: Bliss

Jewelry: G&K

Skin: hsh


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