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KWZ Gowns

RL is as hectic as usual, but I just couldn’t go any time longer without blogging!!! So today, I would like to introduce to you a wonderful designer by the name of Kariwanz Felisimo. And though the name may not be obvious, this designer is indeed a Japanese designer, for the lovely store KWZ. This store has some amazing outfits, few goth, few fantasy, gowns, but one thing they all have in common is the quality of the texture and prims. I could have bought the entire store… but what would I use that outfits for?:) So I had to put a stop on myself:) But I did get 2 gowns! I just couldn’t resist and I sure could not choose one:)

The first outfit is called KWZ Lace Hood. The entire outfit is made by lace and when purchasing, you can choose the type of hood. I chose “ribbon” hood, but there were rabbit hood as well:) The picture does not make the outfit justice, but the lace has amazing details on it. The outfit comes with 2 skirt options, one mermaid style (shown in picture) and one princess type of skirt. Very sexy yet elegant because of the lace. If you get the bunny hood, it may be usable for Halloween *wink*.

The second gown from KWZ is called KWZ Omega gown. This is simply amazing victorian gown, perfect for a grand ballroom! When I saw it, I simply had to have it! Not that I go often to ballrooms, but I thought, every girl need one of those, just in case the perfect prince asks me out:) The texture in this gown is breathtaking and the frills makes it so elegant and unique. It is the perfect gown to lose time in while dancing with your loving partner.

On the picture below, I am wearing a brand new face tattoo, created by the very talented photographer, Julie Hastings:) She has recently opened a tattoo shop, and though the selection is still few, the quality and designs are amazing!!! I can promise you that you will certainly love them all! I will post another one right after this post to show you the pictures of the tattoos!

Usually, I try to use all Japanese or Asian designers, but I did cheat today. The hair and the face tattoo in the second outfit is not Japanese, as the earrings in my first outfit:) But they are all so nice so I hope you can forgive me:)

Happy Shopping!

Outfits: KWZ


Hair (first outfit): Fascino


Earrings: Ganked


Hair (second outfit): Sky Everett


Face Tattoo: White Widow



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