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*Tia* & Honey

Hello everyone!

Today, I’d like to share with you few New Releases by Honey store and also a photo studio store called “Tia”, which is part of the well-known GABRIEL store. “Tia” is owned by Miss. Hitomi Mornington and poses used in the Photo Studios are made by a pose store called *agapee*, which are designed by Miss. Argnit Igaly. It is truly an honor to me to be able to introduce *Tia* and *agapee* to all of you:)

In the pictures, I’m wearing Honey outfits and photo studios offered by Tia:)

First picture: Who said you have to be uncomfortable in order to look good:) This outfit is something I personally would wear in RL:) Cute and feminine blouse with big frills, comfortable pants and heels. The vest is fashionable and finishes the outfit in retro style.

I have accessorized this outfit with hair (including hat) from W&Y, jewelry from Sigma, and shoes from Maitreya (currently 50% off on EVERYTHING). Photo Studio is “A Street Corner”

Second picture: A similar blouse from the first one but without any vest. This top has decoration on it and is more of a corset style. The blouse comes in a set with sexy shorts. I just love this outfit! It’s cute, sexy, but stylish!! And can you see the details on these outfits with wrinkles of the textures? Amazing! I’ve accessorized this outfit with hair from Friday, earrings from R.A. Crystal, necklace and bracelets from Mandala, nails from Soverigncrux, and boots from Maitreya (currently 50% off on EVERYTHING!). Photo Studio is “Black Bar”

All these poses were taken in the photo studios from “Tia”.

You can find 3 kinds of photo studios in the store:

(From left)

“Black Bar”

“A Street Corner”

“White Room”

The photo studios comes with many various poses but you can use your own poses as well and be creative:)

The “White Room” is currently a Lucky Letter Gift for Group Members:)

The letters are cycled through every 10 minutes, so rush over to the store now!!!

Happy Shopping!!!

Photo Studios: “Tia”


Poses: Agapee


Picture 1:

Outfit: Honey


Hair: W&Y


Jewelry: Sigma


Shoes: Maitreya


Picture 2:

Outfit: Honey


Hair: Friday


Earrings: R.A. Crystal


Necklace & Bracelets: Mandala


Nails: Soverigncrux


Boots: Maitreya


Picture 4:

Outfit: Baiastice

Jewelry: Sigma

Hair: W&Y


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