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Avion Vanity HUD

I had no intentions of doing any shopping today… but when I saw the notice on StarWalker, I just had to check it out:)

It was about Avion Vanity HUD. What it is, is that you can change the colors of the eyelashes (from Avion only), hair, jewelry, and lighting (any brand as long as its modifiable) and create wonderful looks and pictures. All you have to do is go to “edit” on your hair or jewelry, go to “content” tab, and drag a script in to it that comes with the HUD you purchase. Once the script is in, you can change the colors to anything! The hair I’m wearing is snow color from Truth. I added the script, and voila! I am now a cameleon!!! It gives you choices where you can change only the hair color, or only eye lashes color, or you can choose both and match the colors:)

The picture below with a daisy on it, I have separate colors on hair and eyelashes. The other 3 are match:)

The HUD is amazing and everything is very easy. The only thing that took most time of this entire process, was to adjust the eyelashes, and I’m not done yet!!! I’m not happy with my adjusting so far:( I’ll work on them this weekend even further:)

The eyelashes color change are only available with Avion lashes for now. But they are lovely lashes:) Avion offers several designs and they are pretty amazing designs:)

It also gives you lightning where you can choose various color lights. It comes very handy if you are savvy photographer:)

As it is a HUD, you can add walks, poses, sits and everything:)

This HUD is approximately $1500L, but it is an amazing little HUD with so much color options!!! To me, it is definitely worth the cost:)

Happy Shopping!

Avion Cosmetic:



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