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As mentioned in the previous entry, here are the pictures of few of the Julie’s wonderful, gorgeous face tattoos! They are simply amazing and will help especially models to make that outfit stand out:) I chose all gold for picture purpose, but there are several color variations to fit your needs:) I hope you will […]

KWZ Gowns

RL is as hectic as usual, but I just couldn’t go any time longer without blogging!!! So today, I would like to introduce to you a wonderful designer by the name of Kariwanz Felisimo. And though the name may not be obvious, this designer is indeed a Japanese designer, for the lovely store KWZ. This […]

Gabriel new release!!

KDC mall opened ! New sturr & LB ! The NEW WORK and LB were set up from GABRIEL as KDC mall opening ! the shirt comes in 4 colors, white, black, beige and khaki and the color of the tank is coordinated with each shirt.  They will be sold at the main Gabriel store […]

Poses of GABRIEL Group gift

   agps_free_photo19-sit    agps_free_photo20    agps_free_photo21    agps_free_photo22    agps_free_photo23    agps_free_photo24 Free Poses(*agapee*) can be got by the group gift of GABRIEL And agapee has released new much poses.

Azul ~ Canna & Heliconia

Everytime I post about a new release of Azul, I keep writing that this is my favorite outfit… The truth is, that Azul, simply offers the best gowns in SL and all of Mami’s designs are exquisite! Today, I’d like to introduce to you Canna & Heliconia. Two very similar gowns, yet two totally different […]