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=DeLa*=, new favorite store:)

I have a new favorite store: =DeLa*=

The designer of this store is Japanese and her outfits are not only wonderfully fashionable, but the texture is first class. The details are amazing and it looks very realistic. =DeLa*= offers everything from casual to gowns, bikinis to accessories such as jewelry, shoes, and bags:) You can mix & match everything, and it still looks great!

You won’t regret the stop at the store!

The coat, shirt, and skirt are from Dela that I coordinated together.

As you can see, the texture is amazingly detailed from far distance and of course, you can mix & match with other designer items:)

Happy Shopping!

Asian Designers:

Outfits: =DeLa*=


Hair (Pic 1): Bliss Couture


Hair (Pic 2): Tsukinowaguma


Earrings (Pic 1): Crystal Line


Jewelry (Pic 2): R.A. Crystal


Skin: ::hsh::


Umbrella: Creamshop


Non-Asian Designers:

Boots: Bax Coen Designs


Shoes (Pic 2): Le Lutka


Asian Umbrella: Baiastice


Bag: Pacadi Jasha
(No longer available)

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