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Lady Thera

There is a wonderful designer in SL with the name of Miss. Thera Taurog. She is the owner of the brand “Lady Thera’s Workshop”.
The textures used are based on Real Life artists.

It is with my great honor to introduce to you the gown “Color Me Beautiful”, an art drawn by Miss. Amanda Tomasoa (SL name: AmandaT Tamatzui).
Amanda is actually my neighbor in SL and today, I had the pleasure to chat with her and she was so sweet, happy, open lady, and gifted me this gorgeous outfit that is based on her art.

You can find Amanda’s art here: http://www.amandatomasoa.com/index.html

The jewelry on both pictures are from ((Crystal line)), made by Miss. RENA Vita:)
The second picture, it’s a special pearl necklace and attachments made just for photo shooting:)
The picture is non-edited, they are as-is:) They are of great quality and style!

Outfit: Lady Thera

Jewelry: ((Crystal line))

Shoes: N-Core Design


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