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Tukinowaguma Hair Collection 2010

******** AGATA Models Agency Presents ********

 Tukinowaguma Hair Collection 2010

Followed by 2009 successful Tsukinowaguma Hair collection show, Agata is once again proud to introduce to you Fall 2010 designs of Tsukinowaguma! All new hair styles and designs in various genres, this is a show you don’t want to miss!

When? October 17th (Sun)6:00AM SLT
Where? Tsukinowaguma Sim

If you are at RL work or can’t get into the sim, we have live feed of the show:

Don’t miss it!!

AGATA Models Agency
CEO : Sora Tatham
build: Setsuna Infinity
Director :RENA Vita
: ruby Okelly
: Serene Faith


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