DNR + Rozoregalia

There are constantly new release and I just can’t keep track on all of them but this new release from Rozoregalia, I simply have to blog:)

Rozoregalia released a new series called “Bouhachi” which includes gloves (including the flowers and the ring), fur necklace, and a pipe (all separate purchase). The pipe comes with 9 poses and the choice of smoke on or off. It’s made of great quality, details, and the gloves and the fur goes well with anything! Please stop by the store and have some fun with it:)

The gown is from DNR (Nicky Ree) and is actually black but you can purchase separately the top and the chest prim in various colors so you can mix and match:) Here, I got the white top that I mixed with the original black gown.

Happy Shopping!

Dress: Nicky Ree
Hair: Vanity Hair
Fur & Gloves: Rozoregalia


2 comments on “DNR + Rozoregalia

  1. Wonderful job! went back and looked at most of you post….excellent job and great photos!

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