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Wonderful Group Gifts

We loooove to shop, and what better way to shop than free gifts?:)
There are some amazing group gifts available right now:)
I’d like to introduce 4 group gifts from 2 lovely stores, Azul and Purple Moon:)


Outfit: Azul 10,000 members memorial dress group gift
Hair: Bliss
Jewelry: G&K
Shoes: 24 Shoo Shoe


Outfit: Azul October group gift
Jewelry: N/A
Hair: Elicatera (former ETD)
Shoes: N-Core


Outfit: Purple Moon Lizz group gift
Hair: Elicatera (former ETD)
Jewelry: Ala Mood
Boots: Pixel Mode


Outfit: Purple Moon Amanda group gift
Hair: W&Y (Model hair 26)
Jewelry: N/A


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