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~Meiling @ JRF~

Second Life has a new, amazing brand, called Meiling.
The talented designer and the brain behind the amazing designs, is Meiling Couturier.

One of her newest designs is the dress called “Couquette Ballerina Dress” and Meiling generously donated 100% of the proceeds to Japan Relief Fundraiser.

This dress is amazing, I just love it. To be able to wear casual style yet look elegant, is not easy.
We tend to lean toward “formal” but this dress is nothing but elegant.

With it’s flowy skirt and a fashionable ribbon, this amazing design only proves that Meiling is in SL to stay:)

You can find this dress at Japan Relief Fundraiser sim.
Take the TP to “Collection Corner” from the TP board, or this slurl:


Japan Relief Fundraiser is open till Sunday!

Let’s shop for a great cause!!!!

Hair: TUTY’s
Jewelry: ZAARA
Photographer: Aleida Rhode

Thank you for your continued support!
Japan Relief Fundraiser


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