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Fantasy Fashion Show2011

We are going to held the show to introduce a brand to of the fantasy which overflowed in fashionableness in domestic and foreign high quality on 22nd Oct. 6am and 1pm SLT presented by AGATA Models Agency, call  " Fantasy Fashion Show 2011"
We use full sounds and lights for the world that is fantasy only by SL such as SF, a mermaid, the fairy and invite you to the world of the fantasy by the quick change of the different stage set every scene.
                     First Show: OCT  22nd (Sat)  6am SLT
                     Second Show: OCT  22nd (Sat) 1Pm SLT


                            Participation brand
                            club Mermaid


                              Pas De Deux 


                            forest feast


Love Cats
Hostess:Sora Tatham
Director:Takuya jinn
Presented by AGATA Models Agency


One comment on “Fantasy Fashion Show2011

  1. Interesting project. Always curious to see all the news ways in which SFF is gradually working its way into the mainstream. Best of luck on the show!

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