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Fantasy show 2011

Fantasy fashion show 2011

AGATA presents Fantasy fashion show

Very popular fantasy show every year, this time it was consists of three theme’s stage of sea, forest and space. We had a reaction very good from the people who watched the show at there and from the people who watched the live broadcast of VWVC. We are planning to produce the movie of the show and will introduce it later.
Now, we are going to introduce you again all brand that took part in the show.
::::::: IMAGE SEA :::::::

club Mermaid

Club mermaid has provided Japanese second Life users by beautiful and fantastical Mermaid shows to help us expand. How to enjoy the fantasy world as as mermaids and fairies.
Flamboyant Mermaid costumes were produced for the fantasy mermaid show mainly inworld with numerous releases.
That let you enjoy lovely costumes became widely popular.
They released four new lines at this show.

Model:Juri Essel

This fantastic and beautiful mermaid costume is based on a gem of the sea Jellyfish that is floating in the sea with emits mysterious light.
This brilliant neon pink color strikingly catches people’s eyes in the sea.


▼club Mermaid▼


Pas De Deux

“Pas De Deux” Fairies and mermaid costume store which is long-established popularity in Japan.
Pas De Deux brand as a means of paired male and female parts in ballet dancing,
Whenever you move, a beautiful wings, dresses and mermaid tails are casually swinging. it is like an elegant and gorgeous ballet costume.


Model:Daiamond Criss

Chiffon floral foam of the sea from marine blue pearl white gradient and slightly pale, lace embroidery flowing lines. Calypso is a romantic and luxurious costume worthy of a mermaid wedding dress.

▼Pas De Deux▼


::::::: IMAGE FOREST :::::::

forest feast

Garden shop of Japan’s, forest feast, has highly evaluated from overseas. They have made high-quality real system from plants, including flowers Fantasy aligned to trees and sparkling monochromatic. Besides, it was popular that they had handled beautiful feathers and fairy costumes for fairies play the trees and flowers. At this time, release 6 pieces of eagerly-awaited new fairy costumes at once.


Model:rakusu Aabye

Salamander costume, Salamander is a Spirit who responsible for Fire in the big four sprits in nature.
Passionate and vibrant costume dressed in flamed.

▼forest feast▼


Love Cats

Shop “Love cats” has made cute and sexy cat series costumes. lately they develop into Fairy costume from cat costume and also release it.
Fantasy fairy costume becomes cute and sexy style when Love cats handle it.

Rose fairy outfit

Model:RENA Vita

Sexy and exotic rose’s fairy costume.
Roses cover whole body and sparkling scales particles is gorgeous impression.
The red ballet’s boots is a nice choice for cat brand’s fairy costume.

▼Love Cats▼


::::::: IMAGE SPACE :::::::


Feel of high class Haute Couture, artistic beauty, swaying tentacles and unique masks. A brand known for its unique and special world that no one has ever seen before. The gowns and coats are not only elegant nor is it only attractive, but with mysterious decorations and tentacles, it gives an intense impact to those who sees and wears it. Today, we will be introducing to you a small portion of their amazing collection.


Mr Urban Legend BS

Model:Ryuji Yuhara

The image of Officers uniform in Europe in modern times, redesign by Violator’s new sensibility.
this is the futuristic legendary Dundee Hero costume.

The Black Swan Theory GOLD Edition

Model:marry Eel

Powerful, Noble then erotic, Expression of image of black bird by Violator’s unique sensibility.
Gold version of Gorgeous dress avant-garde “Black Swan Theory” This is the divinity gem of gems.




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