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GABRIEL Winter Collection 2011

*****Dec  23 (Fri) 7 am SLT SHOW START *****

…….:::::::::::: Supported by Dura and D!va ::::::::::::…….

AGATA Models Agency will proudly present one and only GABRIEL winter collection 2011

at 7 am SLT on 23rd Dec.

We’ll announce the winners of GABRIEL photo contest 2011 at the end of the show.

2011年 GABRIEL 冬の新作をご披露いたします。

ショーの最後に”GABRIEL Photo Contest 2011″の受賞者発表を行います

MK Tokyo SIM

※There will be many people expecting to see our show.

We strongly recommend to come in earlier for your convenience.

To reduce SIM’s lag, please use the LM above first to get in the sim.

You’ll find the local tp portal info there.Touch it to come to the place.



なおショーへのSIM 負荷軽減のため、一度上記のLMでお越しいただいた場所に
SIM内 TPが複数設置しておりますので、それをタッチして開場へお越しくださいませ。

In addition, if you cannot enter due to the full SIM, you can watch the show in VWBC.

なおfull SIMの場合、申し訳ございませんがVWBCによるライブ放送がございますので、

Watch live on:

Please take off the items that cause lag as many as possible to help our models
to show you Gabriel’s outfit clearly and fabulously.

And Please come in low ARC. We’ll appreciate your cooperation.


Supported by Dura and D!va

**Dura**main shop


” D!va ” Main store


Hostess:Argnit Igaly

Stage and Music coordinator:Takuya jinn

Architecture:Setsuna Infinity

Presented by AGATA Models Agency


About marryeel

**MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2010 MISS JAPAN** **THE WINNER of RFyre couture 2010** **THE WINNER *MISS MOREA STYLE CONTEST 2010* ☆AGATA Model Agency ☆ http://agata.slmame.com/ ☆Morea Style Model☆

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