KIMONO Show 2011 (Kachoufuugetsu)Movie

KIMONO Show2011 (Kachoufuugetsu) Movie   Participation brand LA DULCE VIDA -moda- Milky House NONKO romankan Sakka’s studio *:..Silvery K..:* tomoto, Movie: Odysseus Yiyuan AGATA Models Agency

KIMONO Show2011 again (花鳥風月)

We apologizes to all of you that the SIM was unstable at Nov. 13th. Therefore we are going to plan the show again in the following schedule. We are looking forward to see you soon.   We are going to introduce 6 brands which assume kimono of Japanese symbol. we will express a jyuunihitoe (ceremonial […]


::::Gabriel:::: Gabriel NEW RELEASE!! ::GB::Leather Jacket & vest ★::::Gabriel::::Main Shop NOW ON SALE!! ■Leather Jacket & vest ::GB::Leather Jacket & vest (Black) Hat & Glove:::GB::Black hat&eather Gloves        (Main Shop SALE1L$!!) Neclace:::GB::Achilleus neclace long Jacket&Vest&Tank Top:::GB::Leather Jacket & vest Set (Black) Pants:::GB::Leather Pants Boots:*COCO*Homme_EngineerBoots_Black ::GB::Leather Jacket & vest (Brown) Hair:**Dura-Boy**18(Dark Brown)-Mens hair Necklace:::GB::Achilleus neclace short Jacket&Vest&Tank […]

::::Gabriel::::NEW RELEASE!!

::::Gabriel:::: Gabriel NEW RELEASE!! Military jacket & Leather Pants / Three Piece Suit ★Modavia Fashion Week(Leather Pants-Main shop only) ■Military jacket & Leather Pants ::GB::Military jacket(BLACK) Hair:[Uw.7R] Tony-Hair earth smoky Jacket&Stall:::GB::Military jacket set (Black) Pants:::GB::Leather Pants Groves:::GB::Leather Gloves Boots:*COCO*Homme_EngineerBoots_Black ::GB::Military jacket(DARK OLIVE) Hair:**Dura-Boy**18(Dark Brown)-Mens hair Jacket&Stall:::GB::Military jacket set (Dark Olive) Pants:::GB::Leather Pants Groves:::GB::Leather Gloves Boots:*COCO*Homme_EngineerBoots_Black […]

** DIRAM ** ANGIE Dress

** DIRAM ** ANGIE Dress Dress: ANGIE Dress Hair: +ROZOREGALIA+*BOUHACHI*HAIR&HEADDRESS/1(On) GLOVE: +ROZOREGALIA+*BOUHACHI*GLOVE/1 Earring: [ glow ] studio Bitterness Earrings Black TDRb Boots: Desdemona Black Boots pose: agapee location: ENDLESS Contributor: RENA Vita