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Jet-Ski Fun!

There is a wonderful Japanese furniture store on the grid called ++LP2 interior++.
They carry low prim, affordable, but wonderfully designed furnitures:)
They currently have a wonderful, wonderful group gift: Jet-Ski!
It’s of a great quality, easily maneuverable, and simple yet fun design, and it has a low prim count of 7!
This is absolutely a must have!!! Summer is almost over, but not quite yet so get over there, get the Jet-ski, and have some fun!

The bikini is from the wonderful Japanese store =DeLa*=. It has wonderful texture and sexy design:)
=DeLa*= carries everything from clothing to jewelry to modeling poses.
A store that must be visited!

Jet-ski:  ++LP2 interior+

Bikini & Jewelry: +DeLa*=


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