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~5 more days to JRF opening!~

5 more days!!!! We have an amazing 60 SL content creators who have joined JRF to support Japan! I can not say thank you enough to everyone who have so graciously accepted the invitation, who have whole heartedly supported and assisted this charity, from creators to builders to entertainers, and of course, in 5 days, the shoppers!

It is an amazing feeling to see how eveything that we have planned for, is now taking form, little by little, and everyone is so eager and happy. It truly is one of a kind feeling!

On Saturday, at 11:30 am SLT, we will have a pre-opening “Ceremony” party at JRF Entertainment sim. This sim was donated to JRF to use for JRF Charity, by my dear friend Mr. Tak Kovacs. It was designed and built by a wonderful man that I got to know through this charity, Mr. Kere Delcon, and I can tell you, that it looks amazing!

The party will open with ballet performance, followed by live host by Mr. Editorial Clarity, few words about the charity by myself and Ji Nirvana (through BOSL radio) and while we count down to noon, we will dance and have fun:)

On the dot of noon, the JRF shopping sim will be open to public, the auction will begin, and it will be ongoing till 29th! During these 2 weeks, various performers will host, perform and it will be fun!

If you would be interested in joining us, you are welcome to do so still. We also have JRF display with the amazing picture (above) which was taken by Mr. Skip Staheli, winner of BOSL Photographer of the Year), and a donation Kiosk available if you would be interested in supporting JRF by rezzing it in your store. Please contact Serene Faith or Ji Nirvana for further information.

An amazing 60 SL content creators have graciously joined JRF and I’d like to share few of their unique items that will be available at the event. Further details and list of supporters can be found at JRF blog: http://japanrelieffundraiser.wordpress.com/


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