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Azul – Milonga (Rev)

Azul has once again released a gorgeous gown that is both elegant and sexy, yet tasteful and mysterious. It is a revision of a former gown that was released, but this one is simply stunning! The slit is open on one side of the leg and shows off that long gorgeous avi leg of yours, and the skirt flows perfectly when you walk and dance:)

A gold ornament comes with the outfit and you can choose to attach it either on your back or the front:) No matter where you put it, it simply enhances the outfit. As you can see, the cleavage is amazingly sexy and with the ornament on your front… well, let’s say you are demanding those eyes on you:)

Please stop by Azul:)
Happy Shopping!

Gown – Azul:

Hair – Sky Everett (pic 1 & 2):

Hair – Lamb (pic 3):

Jewelry – R.A. Crystal:

Nail – Candy Nail:

Skin – hsh:


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